Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Analysis of a Conversion, Intro

I am a "revert" to the Catholic Church.  When I was young, I very quickly fell away from my Catholic Faith.  And I often wonder, why?

And then, also, I wonder, why I came back?  Don't get me wrong, I don't regret coming back to the Catholic Church.  But, I wonder why God gave me the grace to come back.  And other people who seem to me, even more deserving, have not come back.  As an example, look at the people who authored the book, "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist".  They used very systematic logical methodologies to prove that God exists and is worthy of our faith.  Yet, why didn't they take that same methodology one step further and come to the conclusion, as I did, that the Catholic Church is the only true Church?

In this series, I want to analyze the reasons why people leave the Catholic Church.  I'm going to use myself as the prime example.  But I will also add some thoughts which I've heard expressed by people with whom I've spoken in the past about their conversions.  And maybe some  things which people have posted on the Internet.

And then, I want to move into, why I came back.  A discussion about the mystery of grace and then some logical explanations of the Catholic Faith.   Especially, I want to provide the Biblical basis of Catholic Doctrine.  I have found that most people who leave the Catholic Church for Protestantism are not aware of the close relationship between the Bible and Catholic Doctrine. In addition, I want people to understand the joys of being Catholic. The exhultation of being one with Christ in the Holy Eucharist. The comfort of knowing that one is cleansed of his sins in Confession. The knowledge that one is a born again son of God in Baptism. That glory of praying with a billion Catholics every Sunday, with one voice and one heart, glorifying God. And the humbling knowledge that when we join the Church in glorifying God in the Mass, we are united to the entire heavenly host!

Finally, I want to get into how we can break the vicious cycle that leads to our children falling away from their Faith.  How can we, by the grace of God, raise faithful children who won't have to learn the same horrible lessons that we did, from experience?  But who will live according to the Teaching of the Magisterium throughout their lives.  How can we pass on our Faith in this Culture of Death where the world is telling our children that good guys finish last and that meaning of life boils down to who has the best toys.  How can we pass to our children the joys of being grace filled, faithful, children of God?

So, I hope you join in the discussion and leave your comments. I'm very interested in all that you have to say.  

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