Saturday, October 31, 2015

Catholic Answers needs your help!

This is the last chance to help Catholic Answers forums - we still need to raise $52,613

Catholic Answers Forums is the largest catholic online forum in the world. It provides a community for people seeking to learn more about God and the faith, that they may come to love Jesus more and serve their neighbor with truth and charity.

Less than 1% of the community donate. That’s why we’re writing to you for your help. If you can help, please do and get an opportunity to receive free gifts for yourself or to share with a friend.

Receive up to 3 Free Gifts

We'd like to send you several special thank yous if you can support the Forums by making a monthly donation of $18 or more (or a one-time gift of $200 or more), including:
  • The Glory of the Crusades—A powerful book in which historian Steve Weidenkopf debunks the numerous myths about the Crusades that our secular culture uses as clubs to attack the Church
  • The Protestant’s Dilemma—An eye-opening book in which apologist Devin Rose shows over and over again how the premises on which Protestantism is based lead to absurd conclusions
And for a one-time gift of $500, we will give you the above PLUS:
Also, you will be entered into a drawing for a FREE iPad Mini that comes with hours of Catholic Answers material.

We know that you value Catholic Answers Forums and all the good they do.

The Forums reach people all over the world with the gospel and many new people are joining them every day, so please

Thank you for your generosity.
The Catholic Answers Forums Team

P.S. You need to donate by midnight November 2 to be entered into the drawing for the iPad, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE SO YOU HELP PEOPLE AND WIN AT THE SAME TIME!

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