Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Analysis of a Conversion - Why I left the Catholic Church, lack of knowledge

Yes, lack of knowledge.

Previously, I mentioned that I didn't know why I needed to go to Mass.  But there were lots of other things which were not adequately explained to me in Catechism.  At least, that's how I felt.  But, maybe, I just wasn't paying attention.

Here are some of the many things which I could not answer and did not know how to get an answer, when I was growing up.

How do you know that God exists?

Why do we pray the Rosary?

Why do we pray to the Saints?

Why do we kneel?

Why do we make the sign of the Cross?

Why do we do one version of the sign of the Cross when we come into Church and another before the Gospel?

If God is so great, why does He need us to worship Him?

If the world began with Adam and Eve, what about the dinosaurs?

There were lots and lots of things that I couldn't answer and no one seemed to be able to answer either.  In fact, they seemed to get mad when I asked these questions.   Not just Catholics.  So did Protestants.  All their answers amounted to, "the Bible tells me so."  But when you ask them, "where?"  They can't provide the answer.

The only ones who seemed very happy to answer all questions about faith, were atheists.  Because, of course, they wanted to shoot it down.

And since no one could or would answer my questions, I assumed there were no answers to the questions.  And so, if religion could not provide me all truth, then its claims for itself were false.  And I fell away.

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