Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Catholic Church is charismatic

In this exchange, JT is a fellow Catholic.  LG, is a protestant who apparently, thinks that the Charismatic Catholics are a separate denomination apart from the Catholic Church.

Oh do you judge for God now and know? LOL you exhalt your thinking above God?
The only ones who exalt themselves above God are the Protestants who claim to save themselves without need of being judged by Christ.

You ignored my other questions.
No he didn't. He answered them quite well. Maybe you simply did not understand his answers.

Please answer them,  Has your church split, yes or no?
The answer is, "No!"

Originally Posted by JT
I am chrismatic, what are you talking about? As are most all Catholics charismatic in worship and their prayer life.

Oh I am sorry, I did not realize you were all speaking in tongues and raising your hands in worship as I have seen the Catholics in the Catholic Charismatic Movement do.
That, is you. But everything is not about you. In fact, very little is about you.
In the Catholic Church we have many Rites, devotions and movements. One of which is the Charismatic movement. Even with the Charismatic movement there are many variations. But the important things remain the same.

The Charismatic Catholics remain faithful to the Pope and the Magisterium united with him.

And, I, also am a Charismatic Catholic. The Charismatic Movement in the Church is more expressive than others. But the Charisms of God exist throughout the Church. Whether we lift our hands in song or not.

So, study to show yourself approved. You know nothing about the Catholic Church. All you know is what you are told by your anti-Catholic buddies. And they are all wrong. 

Originally Posted by JT
The Catholic Church is proof in and of itself. Its very existence of its traditon given it by Christ is 'proof'. 

Self proof is no proof try again.
On the contrary, there is a great deal which is proven by one's own experience. However the Catholic Church has much more than that. The Catholic Church has historical record on its side. It is well known that the Catholic Church is the Church from which all Christian denominations came. That is why she is known as the Mother Church. If you read some true history, not the biased half truths of the anti-Catholics, you will find out.

I am so eager to hear about your charismatic worship with talking in tongues and raising hands. Please tell me all about it !!

I'd be happy to. 

In our Charismatic worship services, you will find that we do things orderly. Unlike the mess which is experienced outside the Catholic Church. 

We have laying on of hands, people slain in the spirit, talking in tongues and interpretation of those tongues and prayer and singing with raised hands. But it is all orderly. 

1 Corinthians 14:40

King James Version (KJV)

40 Let all things be done decently and in order.

The chaos which is experienced in Protestant services is not of God.


De Maria


  1. Poor LG...he is so lost when it comes to Catholicism.

    The only thing that JT forgot to mention when it comes to certain protest-ant services is how they fall on the floor and flop around like fish out of water. And after their "service" is over, they all talk about each other and how they "did this" or "did that" because of the Holy Spirit, when in reality, it is about getting attention instead of giving attention to God.

  2. Hello De Maria,

    You are a charismatic Catholic?

    1. 1. All Catholics are charismatic. The term Charismatic comes from the word "Charism" and means, "anointed" or filled with grace of the Holy Spirit. We are filled with this grace in the Sacraments.

      2. Additionally, between the years 1990 and 2000, I worshipped with other charismatic Catholics. Frequently, in the Charismatic Catholic Church near my home. But it's too far to go there on a daily basis (around 50 miles).

      3. Although our particular group has broken up, I still consider myself "charismatic" in the secondary sense, of belonging to that particular group.

      Charismatic, in the Catholic Community, means something different than it does in the Protestant. Charismatic Catholics simply emphasize the gifts of the Holy Spirit a little bit more than other Catholics who don't identify themselves with the Charismatic movement.


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