Saturday, March 7, 2015

Merit is built in to synergism

ERIC February 11, 2015 at 11:18 pm 
James–I missed this. You asked which of three options I would choose. I would choose #2:2. God gave you sufficient grace to resist/overcome that sin but you did not cooperate with that grace and resisted it, thus leading to your sin – i.e. the monergist position.It is only synergistic if my cooperation is a meritorious action on my part (in terms of justification). ….
ERIC, Eric, eric.
Merit is built in to synergism, Eric. If you cooperate with grace in order to be saved, then the merit of your cooperation brings about your salvation.
If you cooperate, you are saved.
If you do not, you are condemned.
You are describing synergism for your salvation and calling it monergism. Just as you describe faith and works for your salvation and call it faith alone. And you describe Scripture and Tradition but call it Scripture alone.
Get a clue, Eric. Your theology is a mess.


  1. Ain't it funny how "Catholic" mosty protest-ants really are, yet they are too blinded by pride to see it?

    Great post De Maria

  2. Yeah. I think the term "blinded" is very appropriate.

    Thanks Mark.


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