Sunday, March 8, 2015

Regeneration washes every sin from the soul

ERIC February 11, 2015 at 11:33 pmDe Maria–God’s one and only (and thus his final) verdict of righteousness in us occurs at Protestant justification (logically but not temporally subsequent to Protestant regeneration).
If its logically subsequent, it is also temporally subsequent.
But, you’ve again contradicted yourself. Previously, you claimed not to believe in OSAS. But here, you say, “God’s one and only (and thus his final) verdict of righteousness in us occurs at Protestant justification…” Which is a declaration of OSAS.
However, by this “subsequent” business, you seem to be attempting a pre-emptive strike of the objection that, since Protestants claim that they are snow covered dunghills, their claim of being “regenerated” and declared righteous by God, in essence, makes God a liar in Protestant justification.
I don’t see there being a solution to that knot in Protestant doctrine unless you are now accepting the Catholic idea that regeneration is an actual washing of every sin from the soul. Is that the case?
This speech act actually timelessly ACCOMPLISHES our inherent righteousness which is then worked out in time (in sanctification and glorification).
You now have an “inherent” righteousness? But I thought this was a Protestant no-no. Anytime a Catholic says our righteousness is inherent, we are charged with blasphemy.
It is accompanied by spirit-wrought works of love which further our conformance to the likeness of Christ but add nothing to our justification. It is also accompanied by, or as many would say, grounded in our Union with Christ. Christ is the all in all in the whole process.Any clearer?
Clear as mud. As I said. Your theology is a mess. You’re making it up as you go along, aren’t you?

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  1. ERIC said "in our Union with Christ".

    Uhhhhh....huh? How is that possible since protest-ants don't believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, nor do they have validly ordained priest to perform the consecration? If simply "believing" that one is "united" to Christ based on their own belief and personal prayers, then I see a serious problem just from reading the New Testament.

    I also didn't know there were such things as "Protest-ant justification" and "Protest-ant regeneration". Where are those in the Bible :-)? I didn't know Christ was a protest-ant.

    Nice debate there De Maria. Pretty funny how Eric stumbles along.


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