Tuesday, May 19, 2015

There are many types of election

ROBERT February 12, 2015 at 8:31 pm

Except, of course, election to glory is the only election that ultimately matters in Romanism.

You don’t really understand English do you?
Do you know what “ultimately” means?
finally; in the end.
Certainly, in the end, election to glory matters most. However, that does not remove the fact that election to grace also matters.

Which is why if you affirm election to glory, you must affirm that the elect will certainly be saved.

Non sequitur. The elect are also those who are elect to grace. Therefore, no, the elect will not certainly be saved unless they persevere to the end.

Which is why the idea of salvation now ensure salvation later isn’t completely incompatible with Romanism.

What? Salvation now ensures salvation later? Yes, that is completely incompatible with Catholic Teaching. Because salvation now is election to grace. Ultimate salvation which God reveals in the Judgement is election to glory and only granted to those who have the grace to persevere to the end.

No, I know current RC theology affirms election to justification only and election to glory. Problem is, such is not found in the Apostolic tradition.

If you know this to be true, then provide the Catholic Teaching.

Cue De Maria’s acontextual citation of a Protestant Bible translation as if he has the right to interpret the Bible for himself.

That is the Protestant MO, Robert. I interpret the Bible according to Catholic Teaching. I don’t need to provide a citation though. You do. You need to provide the official Catholic Teaching of absolute assurance of salvation for the elect unto grace and justification. Chop, chop.

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