Saturday, May 16, 2015

We accept grace, by our free will

ERIC February 13, 2015 at 1:45 pm
Get a grip. Free will is compatible with Sovereignty, with monergism. Neither cooperation nor resistance run counter to this (as they are but the fruits of Free Will). You have a deficient definition of synergism.

On the contrary, Eric, it is you. Your definition of synergism seems to change to your convenience. First, when we explain it, you equate it with Pelagianism. But when you do it, you equate it with monergism. Then, when we prove you wrong, you claim it is compatible with monergism.
And then, in a last ditch effort to make some point, you claim that we don’t understand synergism, at all.

You think Orange agrees with your side…which shows your misunderstanding of monergism,

Orange is a Council of the Catholic Church. There were no Protestants in that council.

as well as your failure to see that both operative and cooperative graces are GRACE…in their entirety.

Who denied that?
See, here’s a clear example that you never say what you intend to say and we are forced to read into your statements that which we assume you would say if you knew what you were saying.

What you really intend to say is that both operative and cooperative graces are “irresistible”. Because we accept the concept of “grace”. I assume you know and agree that we do. But we deny that grace, whether it is operative or cooperative, is “irresistible”.

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