Friday, June 12, 2015

Scripture is an authoritative repository or resource of His Word

DS:No position of authority on earth is a higher authority than God's own infallible Scriptures unless you want to suggest that God is not the final authority.
God is the highest authority. Scripture is an authoritative repository or resource of His Word. Scripture is not a being. Scripture is a book which contains the Holy Word of God. But Scripture does not stand up and walk around and talk to you. If you make a mistake understanding Scripture, Scripture will not stop you and say, "Hey! Read that again!"

Don't think we don't know what you're doing here with these questions and arguments designed to take authority from the Scriptures and give it to men to have authority over the Scriptures.
It is you who are trying to make an idol of a book.

We know the difference between Jesus, the Word of God and the word of God written in black ink on white background in a book called the Bible.


De Maria


  1. Yep. Many pro-testants truly worship their Bible but are so quick on the trigger to accuse Catholics of worshiping Mary, the Pope, statues, etc.

    I wonder if they pull out a Nativity scene for Christmas? Wouldn't they be idolators for doing so? :-)

    1. According to their own definition of idolatry, yes.


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