Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Scriptures say that faith alone is dead

BD:Do you EVER read what you print? IF all these sacraments save you, then what EXACTLY did Jesus do?
He established these Sacraments in order that those who believe in Him might be saved.

Where is God's grace even involved in what you THINK righteousness is?

How does one GET righteousness?
By the grace of God.

What do the scriptures say?
The Scriptures say that faith alone is dead.

Hab 2:4"Behold, as for the proud one, His soul is not right within him; But the righteous will live by his faith.
Yea! And faith is demonstrated in works. 
James 2:18

King James Version (KJV)

18 Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.

NOT by doing sacraments which are man made

The Sacraments are God's work:

Titus 3:5

King James Version (KJV)

Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;

and are not even FOUND in scripture!
In the Acts it is clear that those who received Christian baptism also received the Holy Spirit, had their sins forgiven and became members of Christ, and thus of the Church. It is the foundational sacrament, the only one Philip thought necessary to confer on the Ethiopian eunuch. Matthew 3:16; Matthew 28:19; Mark 1:8; Mark 16:16; John 3:5; Acts 1:4-5; Acts 2:38; Acts 8:16; Acts 8:36-38; Acts 11:16; Acts 16:15; Acts 16:33; Acts 18:8; Acts 19:3-6; Acts 22:16; Romans 6:3-4; 1 Cor. 12:13; Eph. 5:25-26; Col. 2:12; 1 Peter 3:20-21, and many others.

Completes Baptism by a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit and enables the Christian for mission. This was seen at Pentecost with respect to the apostles. In the early Church it was often accompanied by charismatic signs, though these are not intrinsic to the sacrament. Conferred by the laying on of hands. In Acts 19:3-6, especially, it is clear that John's baptism, Christian baptism and Confirmation are all distinct realities. Also, in Hebrews 6:2 baptizing and laying on of hands are distinguished. Isaiah 44:3; Ezekiel 39:29; Joel 2:28; John 14:16; Acts 2:4; Acts 8:14-17; Acts 19:3-6; Hebrews 6:2. 

The Eucharist is visibly bread and wine but is in reality the Body and Blood of Christ. No mere symbols can effect eternal life. And abuse of no mere symbol can be worthy of damnation. In the early centuries the name of the Mass was the breaking of the bread. Yet, when word got out of what the Eucharist really was the Romans accused Christians of sacrificing babies and cannibalism, because they heard they ate human flesh. Matthew 26:26-29; Luke 24:35; Acts 2:42; 1 Cor. 11:24-27;
Penance. Christ gave authority, the keys, to the apostles to forgive sin, to decide between absolving or retaining guilt. This requires "confession" of sins for this judgment not to be arbitrary, hence the popular name of the sacrament. This authority was passed on to bishops, and from them to priests, with ordination. Matthew 16:19; John 20:21-23; Rev. 1:18.

Anointing of the Sick. 
Anointing prepares the person for death, and only incidentally may produce physical healing. The salvation and resurrection spoken of in James are in the first place spiritual. James 5:14-15.

Holy Orders. 
The threefold division of sacred ministers (bishops, priests and deacons) prefigured in the Old Law (high priest, priests, Levites) is clearly revealed in Scripture. Yet, most so-called "bible-believing" Protestant churches do not have them. Acts 6:3-6; Acts 13:2-3; 1 Tim. 3:1; 1 Tim. 3:8-9; 1 Tim. 4:14; 1 Tim. 4:16; 1 Tim. 5:17-19; 1 Tim. 5:22.

 Marriage is, as St. Paul states, a mystery (mysterion). The Latin word used to translate mysterion is "sacramentum". The sacraments are mysteries (as Eastern Christians still call them), for one thing is visible and something else is known by faith. By faith, matrimony is a sign of Christ and the Church, as well as a special calling. Mt. 19:10-11; Eph. 5:31-32.

You keep on trying to justify your cult's works salvation, and you have been refuted by scripture too many times to count. Why don't you give works righteousness a rest? THere is NO SUCH THING!
It is your cult which believes in a manmade gospel. The Catholic Church teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ:
Ephesians 3:10

King James Version (KJV)

10 To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God,


De Maria


  1. ROTFLOL!! Wow! That's new to me!

    "Sacraments aren't Scriptural"? I guess someone is reading a different set of Scriptures than me.

    Funny thing too, these dolts make it sound like our Sacraments have to be performed over and over and over again in order to obtain Salvation. Only Sacraments that I can think of that need repeating are Reconciliation and the Eucharist, because we are not perfect and need repairing.

    But what is one to expect from groups who don't even view the Sacrament of Marriage as a Sacrament? Go figure. "Oh Christ did all the work for us. We don't need to worry."

    I wonder if they've every heard:"Take the narrow gate."

    God Bless and thanks for defending

  2. Yeah, they discover their theology as they go along and then read it into Scripture. But the Catholic Faith is the basis of the New Testament. The Catholic Church doesn't interpret Scripture. She teaches us the Word of God.

    No, they prefer to sin and sin mightily that grace may abound the more. They apparently have not read the Scripture which says:

    Romans 6:1 What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? 2 God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?

    1. That passage from Romans 6:1 is one I wanted to use on old Edward but for some reason CA has me blocked and I can't post a thing.

      It keeps asking me to "verify below" and I can't see anything "below" that needs or is asking for verification. I'm going to call them today and talk to someone to clear this up because i know there are other posters who want to post and they can't.

      There are quite a few posters I'd like to respond to.

    2. I'm having the same problem. Let me know hwat they say.


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