Thursday, April 11, 2013

I enjoy your comments, but….

Lutero said:
De Maria, I enjoy your comments for the further insight into what is known as Roman Catholicism. However, not having read every post on this thread yet no less than twice have I seen you assert that a non-RCatholic poster declares themselves 'worthy of His salvation'. For the record, NONE of us are worthy of anything except hell, but to allow room for your assertion I would say we are 'worthy' in the sense that in accordance to the promise fulfilled that we become worthy or rather justified in his sight, but not by our declaration but His.
By his graces, his servant, Lutero
I see that you avoided saying faith "alone". Whereas, Scripture says that "doers of the law are justified" (Rom 2:13). In other words, those who keep the Commandments are declared worthy by God. Not those who declare themselves worthy because of their claimed faith ALONE. And especially not those who declare that His Commandments are not valid nor those who claim that they need not obey God in order to be saved.


De Maria

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